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      Manager:Jerry Cao

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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to fire prevention in your life

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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to fire prevention in your life

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      Address of fire extinguisher manufacturer

      Shandong dingliang fire control technology co., LTD., a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, reminds you of the following things:

      Careful with fire

      Gas, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders should keep the safe distance of 1-1.5 meters with kitchen, maintain indoor air circulation, cylinder can't roast, scalding water, steam, nor with fire room decorate, such as coal stove, shall not handle the residual liquid, discharge, flow backward liquefied petroleum gas, when used, should first KaiQi after ignition, after use, shall be immediately shut gas, do people from, fire, gas, found of liquefied petroleum gas, immediately shut off the gas source, open the window ventilated, open flame is strictly prohibited or touch the electric light, smoke lampblack machine, exhaust fan, such as electrical switches, prevent burst into flames.

      The safe

      The installation of electrical equipment shall comply with the regulations, and the wires used shall have a good insulation effect. It is forbidden to aging or overload the electrical lines, so as to avoid short circuit and fire. Do not cover the lamp with paper or other combustible materials, do not put uncooled electric heating appliances in places with combustible materials, or put combustible materials on the electric appliances, and do not connect and pull the wires in disorder. Make sure to turn off the power in time after using the household electric appliance, otherwise the electric appliance is in power for a long time, which may cause fire. Be careful to prevent the failure of temperature control, time control device or temperature indicator of electric heat appliance, so as to avoid excessive temperature fire. High-power electric heat appliances should not use wires with too small cross-section or switches and plugs with too small capacity to avoid heat or fire.

      Beware of starting a fire with a cigarette

      The weather is dry and you should be especially alert to the fire caused by smoking. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in all inflammable and explosive units, material warehouses and other non-smoking areas. When you smoke, you should go to a safe area. Should correct bad smoking habit, cannot lie on the bed or sofa to smoke, do not smoke when working and looking for a thing, cannot throw cigarette end and match stem carelessly, throw cigarette ash carelessly, cannot the cigarette end that ignites to be put everywhere disorderly. It is forbidden to smoke outside or in the wild on windy days.

      Avoid piling up sundries on balconies, floors and other places

      Whether the fire occurs or not has a large relationship with the environmental factors, residents should timely clean up the clutter around the bedroom. Due to the cold weather, it is very common for some residents to store goods in the balcony and safe passage. In addition, many of these items are inflammable, which will fuel the fire after the fire occurs. Because this cleans the sundry around the bedroom regularly, also is the effective way that prevents fire and reduces fire harm. Want to prevent combustible gas to gather indoors even, open a window appropriately to open a door ventilated convection, also can keep indoor air fresh.

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