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      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer briefly described the use of dry powder fire extinguishers

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      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer briefly described the use of dry powder fire extinguishers

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      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer price

      Ordinary dry powder extinguishing agents are mainly composed of active extinguishing components, hydrophobic components, and inert fillers. The hydrophobic components are mainly silicon oil and hydrophobic white carbon black. This kind of common dry powder extinguishing agent has been widely used at home and abroad.

      Combustion characteristics: combustion is a kind of intense oxidation reaction involving oxidizer, and the combustion process is chain reaction. Under high temperature and oxygen, combustible molecules are activated and free radicals are produced. Free radicals have high energy and are extremely active. Once they are generated, they immediately trigger the next reaction and generate more free radicals.

      Fire extinguishing characteristics: the chemical inhibiting effect of asphyxiation, cooling and flame burning is the concentrated expression of dry powder extinguishing efficiency. The fire-extinguishing component in dry powder extinguishing agent is the non-active substance of combustion reaction. When it enters the flame in the burning area, the free radicals generated by decomposition react with H, OH and other free radicals generated in the flame combustion reaction, and the free radicals generated by combustion reaction are captured and terminated, which reduces the rate of combustion reaction. When the dry powder concentration in the flame is high enough, the contact area with the flame is large enough, and the free radical termination rate is higher than the rate generated by the combustion reaction, the chain combustion reaction is terminated, and the flame is extinguished. In addition, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate is decomposed at high temperature, and a layer of glassy film residual covering is generated on the solid material surface to prevent combustion and prevent reburning.

      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer:

      1. Shake the extinguisher several times before use to loosen the dry powder in the extinguisher bottle;

      2. Unplug the safety pin and press down on the flame root to spray;

      3. Keep upright throughout the fire fighting process, and do not lie on the floor or use upside down;

      4. Prevent reburning after extinguishing fire.

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