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      The function that sprinkler valve should have lets fire extinguisher manufacturer tell you

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      The function that sprinkler valve should have lets fire extinguisher manufacturer tell you

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      The deluge valve is an automatic valve that allows water to flow into the valve cavity and into the distribution network in an instant.

      The valve cavity is divided into upper cavity, lower cavity and control cavity. The control chamber is connected with the water supply pipe, and the orifice plate of the circulating pressure is set in the middle. The pressurized water in the water supply pipe pushes the total diaphragm of the control chamber, thus pushing the drive rod against the disc lock rod, which generates torque and locks the disc on the seat. The disc prevents pressure water from entering the upper chamber from the lower chamber. Fire extinguisher manufacturers say: in fire control, because the control of cavity pressure relief, so that the torque of the drive rod on the disc lock rod is lower than that of the water supply pressure on the disc torque, so the valve disc opened, water supply into the water distribution pipeline.

      Used for automatic sprinkler system. It is specifically used in the pre-action automatic sprinkler system, the automatic sprinkler system and the foam system, as well as the rain shower system and the water curtain system in the open system.

      The characteristics of the automatic pre-action sprinkler system are that it can take both dry and wet sprinkler systems into account. The system adopts the combination of the rain shower valve and the alarm system. The sprinkler head is closed. At ordinary times, there is no water in the pipeline. This kind of system requires high, the advantage is that there is no water in the pipeline at ordinary times, can prevent the wrong spray or frostbite, especially suitable for water repellent places.

      The scope of sprinkler system is controlled by the deluge valve, and large area sprinkler system is started immediately. It is suitable for special dangerous places where large area water spraying is needed and fire fighting is quick.

      In addition, as the system alarm control valve of water spray fire extinguishing system, it plays a very important role.

      Functions of rain shower valve:

      1) there are two operating modes: automatic control and manual control.

      2) can monitor water supply and water discharge pressure.

      3) water supply that can be switched on or off.

      4) it can accept electric signal to open the rain shower valve electrically, and can accept the signal of the transmission tube to start the rain shower valve by hydraulic or pneumatic.

      5) can drive hydraulic alarm.

      6) it can display the opening and closing state of rain shower valve.

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