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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale when sharing fire how to judge the correct escape route

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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale when sharing fire how to judge the correct escape route

      Release date:2018-04-26 Author: Click:

      Fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale price

      The fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale tells you how to judge the correct escape route in a fire:

      1) once you are in danger of fire, do not panic, calmly determine your position, judge the fire according to the analysis of surrounding smoke, fire and temperature, and do not blindly take actions.

      2) in a bungalow, if the fire around the door is not large, leave the fire quickly. On the contrary, it is necessary to choose another exit or take protective measures before leaving the fire site.

      3) if you are in a building, do not open the doors and Windows blindly when you find a fire, otherwise it may cause a fire to enter the room.

      4) if you are in a building, don't run around blindly, and don't jump off the building to escape, which will cause unnecessary casualties. Can hide in the bedroom or on the balcony. Close the doors and Windows, block off the fire and wait for rescue. Conditional, can water on door window ceaselessly cool, in order to delay fire spread. Cover the mouth with wet towel first, had better have the article of wet sheet kind, the stair that sees less wire next to water valve place is safer commonly next, or smoke is relatively less place, smell not too thick, do not walk in a hurry commonly walk the edge of stair can have a pillar still can compare fast escape

      The escape route is marked with indicators in the building, such as EXIT, EXIT, building structure drawing in the corridor or room, fire stairs, etc. In case of fire, try to follow the above mark.

      1. Be familiar with the environment

      To be familiar with the environment is to know the fire safety environment of the buildings in which we are often or temporarily located. For the buildings where we often work or live, we can make a more detailed escape plan in advance.

      2. Leave immediately

      Escape action is a race against time. Once you hear a fire alarm or realize that you may be surrounded by fireworks, don't hesitate to run out of your room and try to get out of danger.

      3. A towel to protect

      The usual smoke precautions are to cover your nose and mouth with dry, wet towels. Soak the towel, fold it and cover your nose and mouth, or dry the towel when there is no water. Nearby if do not have towel, napkin cloth, mask, clothes also can replace, fold a few more layers, make filter smoke area increases, cover mouth and nose strictly. When passing through the smoke zone, you can't take the towel off your nose or mouth, even if you're having trouble breathing.

      4. Channel evacuation

      When the building is on fire, the most convenient and safest passageway and evacuation facilities should be selected according to the fire situation, such as evacuation stairs, fire elevators and outdoor evacuation stairs. Escape from smoke-filled building passageways, pour cold water on your head and body, wrap yourself in wet clothes, wet sheets, wet blankets, etc., and crawl or crawl under low pressure through dangerous areas.

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