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      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer explains the fire hazards of high-rise residential buildings

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      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer explains the fire hazards of high-rise residential buildings

      Release date:2018-04-23 Author: Click:

      Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale

      Shandong dingliang fire technology co., LTD., a dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer, explains the fire hazards of five-point high-rise residential buildings:

      Hidden danger 1: partial loss of fire equipment according to the fire department staff introduction, high-rise residential buildings must have fire hydrants, spray and smoke sense of automatic fire extinguishing equipment and fire elevators and evacuation instructions system. It is understood that at present, in some high-rise residential areas, fire equipment is not fully equipped or lost is very common, some buildings can not even find a fire extinguisher, some even equipped with fire equipment, fire extinguisher boxes and fire hydrant boxes have been empty. Here, the fire department staff remind the general public that public fire equipment must not be occupied for their own, to love fire equipment. In addition, if the fire equipment is not fully equipped or lost, the property management company should make up in time.

      Hidden danger 2: fire passageway is occupied mostly. Fire passageways are supposed to be special roads for fire engines, but in some communities, fire passageways are very common, and some nearby restaurants or *** * have become "free parking areas" for customers. It is understood that, at present, the fire passageway of the community is not unimpeded mainly in the following situations: some communities are not allowed to enter the vehicle, artificial cement piers or other obstacles; Some communities are built in disorder on fire escape. Some communities implement closed management to prevent theft. At the same time, the free parking of private cars has also become the main factor blocking the fire passage.

      Hidden danger 3: fire doors are not maintained in this batch of exposed high-rise buildings, there are many high-rise fire doors open. Fire doors in some high - rise residential areas are often opened by people, the reason is that the majority of residents want to go in and out. "Fire doors are fire components that must be installed at the safe exit between high-rise residential buildings and commercial buildings, because when a fire breaks out in high-rise buildings, fire doors can not only effectively prevent the spread of fire, but also buy more rescue time for firefighters." Fire department staff said the installation of fire doors is to delay the spread of fire in the event of an accident, to give people more time and opportunity to escape, to ensure it is normally closed.

      Danger 4: the stairwell becomes a grocery store. "The public share area of high level is bigger, so indoor area is opposite less, the home has a few old clothes, newspaper to wait to have no place to put aside, put in stair so." Some residential buildings, especially the old residential areas, are quite common in the phenomenon of stacking goods in the corridor, and the stacking sundries are mostly newspapers, cartons, old furniture and other inflammable and combustible goods. Some residents even build stoves in the stairs. Debris in the stairwell not only fueled the fire, but also a major obstacle for residents to escape. In addition, still have small area originally used to connect a few units fire control passageway is owner privately separated, formed oneself enclosed "balcony".

      Hidden danger 5: the external insulation material is not up to standard. So how do you make sure tall buildings wear safety jackets? Relevant personages of fire control department suggest that the government should attach great importance to the strict implementation of fire control laws and regulations, promulgate relevant policies, implement the safety of insulation materials for high-rise exterior walls into the construction planning, design, construction, supervision and other links, and make clear the system of lifelong responsibility for safety of designers. Strict product market access system, functional departments should earnestly perform their duties, external access to the city's building market wall insulation materials for the record, inflammable thermal insulation materials into the market, and fight against counterfeit and shoddy products without production permits. At the same time, the fire department will also supervise and inspect the insulation materials used in the exterior walls of high-rise buildings on an irregular basis, train the construction personnel on fire safety knowledge and jointly build a safety net.

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