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      The fire extinguisher manufacturer detailed the correct choice of fire equipment

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      The fire extinguisher manufacturer detailed the correct choice of fire equipment

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      Address of fire extinguisher manufacturer

      Fire extinguisher manufacturers fixed fire extinguishing system in accordance with the principle of combustion, all fire extinguishing methods are the principle of direct injection of extinguishing agents to burning objects or spray extinguishing agents on substances near the source of fire, so that it does not form a new fire point due to the thermal radiation of the fire.

      Cooling fire extinguishing method

      The principle of this fire extinguishing method is to spray the extinguishing agent directly on the burning object to reduce the burning temperature below the burning point. Cooling fire extinguishing method is one of the main methods of fire extinguishing. The extinguishing agent does not participate in the chemical reaction during the fire extinguishing process. This method belongs to physical extinguishing method.

      Isolated fire method

      The method of isolating and extinguishing fire is to separate or remove the burning material from the surrounding unburned combustible material, interrupt the supply of combustible material, and stop the burning due to lack of combustible material. Specific methods include:

      1. Remove inflammable, inflammable, explosive and combustion-supporting articles near the fire source;

      2. Close the valves of combustible gas and liquid pipelines to reduce and prevent combustible materials from entering the combustion zone;

      3. Try to block the flow of inflammable and combustible liquids;

      4. Remove inflammable buildings adjacent to the fire source and form a space zone to prevent the fire from spreading.

      Smothering method

      Asphyxiation extinguishing method is to prevent the air from flowing into the burning area or to extinguish the fire by using the non-burning area or diluting the air with the non-combustible material, so that the combustion substance cannot get enough oxygen. The specific method is:

      1. Cover the burner with non-combustible or non-combustible materials such as sand, cement, wet sack and wet cotton quilt;

      2. Spray mist water, dry powder, foam and other extinguishing agents to cover the burner;

      3. Water vapor or inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used to inject vessels and equipment in case of fire;

      4. Closed fire buildings, equipment and holes;

      5. Spray non-combustible gas or non-combustible liquid onto the burner area or the burner.

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