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      Fire extinguishers wholesale to explain commercial kitchen fire prevention

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      Fire extinguishers wholesale to explain commercial kitchen fire prevention

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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale market

      The fire caused by commercial kitchen hearth is a kind of common fire which should be protected against fire. And automatic kitchen fire extinguishing device is a better fire extinguishing device for kitchen hearth. Fire extinguisher manufacturers know that in recent years, kitchen fire has been highly valued by the relevant management departments, the protection of such fire technology will be further studied. It can be expected that with the continuous improvement of China's fire laws and regulations, the problem of kitchen fire protection will be better solved.

      With the improvement of public fire awareness and the need to protect citizens' life and property safety, the prevention of commercial kitchen fire has attracted the attention of relevant departments. The prevention of commercial kitchen fire can be considered from several aspects. Second, strengthen the control and monitoring of fuel, such as fuel selection, pipeline valve leakage detection and closure; Third, strengthen operation and use management, such as regular pipeline cleaning, to prevent excessive oil temperature; The fourth is to install fire fighting facilities. Automatic fire extinguishing system is a positive and effective preventive measure.

      At the same time, the commercial kitchen fire does not reach the burning point, cooking oil in the pot will not burn, and once burned has a high enough heat to maintain the characteristics of continuous burning. Even when the flame is extinguished from the surface, the oil in the oil pan remains quite high beyond the point of spontaneous combustion. Uncooled oil can reignite at any time after contact with oxygen. This makes such fires more difficult to extinguish than gasoline, diesel and other oil fires.

      In view of the characteristics of kitchen fire, many domestic enterprises have conducted in-depth research on the fire-fighting equipment of commercial kitchen fire, and successfully developed the fire-fighting system for kitchen.

      (1) classification of kitchen fire extinguishing devices. Commercial kitchen fire extinguishing apparatus can be divided into dry type and wet type. Dry fire extinguishing device is usually filled with ultrafine powder fire extinguishing agent. The standard of dry fire extinguishing system of NFPA17 in the United States has put forward detailed requirements for such fire extinguishing systems associated with cooking devices. The wet fire extinguishing system is mainly filled with special water extinguishing agent or foam extinguishing agent. This kind of fire-fighting system has the advantages of high fire-fighting efficiency and easy to clean the site after fire-fighting.

      (2) composition of kitchen fire extinguishing device.

      Function of fire extinguishing device

      According to the characteristics of kitchen fire and the actual fire extinguishing test, a reasonable commercial kitchen fire extinguishing device should have the following basic functions:

      (1) can implement automatic fire extinguishing;

      (2) can cut off fuel supply automatically;

      (3) can automatically close the fire valve on the exhaust pipe, and automatically close the fan and related power supply;

      (4) it can prevent the fire from reburning after putting out the fire;

      (5) capable of transmitting relevant signals to the fire control center automatically, with the function of acoustooptic alarm;

      (6) equipped with emergency manual fire extinguishing device.

      Fire causes of commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, restaurants and other buildings:

      Improper operation, continuous high temperature oil pan fire

      Commercial made of Fried, Fried, inside the kitchen cooking is relatively common, when pan in continuous heating, the pot temperature gradually after cooking oil ignition point (315 ℃), oil in the oil will produce spontaneous combustion.

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