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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer detailed express warehouse fire hazards

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      Fire extinguisher manufacturer detailed express warehouse fire hazards

      Release date:2018-04-16 Author: Click:

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      Online shopping cannot be separated from express delivery, which is also a minimally profitable industry. In order to reduce costs, some express companies link up with each other in the operation process, which has caused great fire safety hazards. Shandong dingliang fire control technology co., LTD., a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, said about the fire hazards in the express warehouse:

      I. location selection: the warehouse of the express company is usually located in the residential and neighboring buildings with lower rent. Firefighting facilities themselves are rudimentary, and express companies are reluctant to invest in them. The fire cannot be put out in time at the initial stage.

      Ii. Stacking: the storage scale of combustible materials is large, and the stacking height is highly concentrated. In general, goods stored in non-professional logistics warehouses are often stored in one warehouse without professional classification or storage in separate warehouses. The stacking methods are mostly used such as stacking, shelf storage and pallet stacking. The quantity is large, the density is large, the kind is mixed.

      3. Blockage of passageway: the layout is not standardized, and it is necessary to block the fireproof passageway. Due to cost considerations, the space that can be used in general logistics links is used as far as possible. Some security space that must be reserved is also occupied. Some enterprises combine warehouses and workshops together and fail to meet the necessary fire safety standards. After the occurrence of fire, the laying down of materials is often "fire with fire", and because the fire passage is blocked, the best time for fire fighting is often delayed by human, causing unnecessary losses.

      4. Personnel: the security personnel are not strong enough, and the insufficient management leads to the late detection of fire situation; The size and cost of the warehouse determine the number of warehouse management personnel. The daily working hours can meet the basic requirements of warehouse personnel due to the large number of staff on duty. After work, the personnel of the warehouse area is sharply reduced, usually there are only people in the duty room, and the fire situation cannot be found in time and the rescue time is delayed.

      5. Warehouse construction: according to the requirements of warehouse construction, the general warehouse of logistics warehouse is long, with a large span, high ceiling, low refractory grade, large storage width of inflammable goods, fast fire speed, and easy to form scale effect. Complex fire situation, incomplete combustion of combustible materials, a large number of high temperature toxic smoke and dust, obstructing the vision, not conducive to escape; Because the fire field condition is easy to air convection, cause combustible embers flying, easy to cause it in the fire situation and the pond fish.

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