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      Manager:Jerry Cao

      Add: The Middle of Weijiao Road, Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong Province,China.

      Zip code: 261200

      Website: www.sddingliang.com

      China dingliang, cast brilliant

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      China dingliang, cast brilliant

      Release date:2018-04-12 Author: Click:

      Fire extinguisher manufacturer quotation

        From a seed into the mud to overthrow the heavy burden and extend the branches and leaves, long into the backbone of the tripod, Shandong Ding Liang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. has grown from a small factory in a short period of seven years, rapidly growing into a leader of the industry and a vane, deeply rooted in the World Kite Weifang, writing a full of opportunities and challenges, struggle and dedication. The pioneering history of innovation and leapfrog.

        Today, Shandong Ding Liang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of trench type connector in China. Its products are all over fire, water supply and drainage, electric power, oil, chemical industry and so on, and are popular in dozens of countries such as Europe and America.

        (one) strength article * advanced production equipment and scientific production process.

        Shandong Ding Liang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the five subsidiary companies under the banner of Shandong Ding Liang group. It was founded in 2008 with an area of 150 thousand square meters, with more than 800 employees.

        The company has 8 national advanced foundry lines and the only open line in the world for trench tube production, with an annual output of 200 thousand tons. The modern technology mould research and development center, the large foundry workshop and the spraying workshop. It has introduced 3 sets of large swing bed cleaning equipment, more than 200 advanced automatic CNC machines, 6 advanced surface treatment lines, and large three-dimensional storage facilities.

        The company strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system to organize production and quality control, the company's products through the 3C certification, the United States FM, UL and ULC quality system certification, the quality of products meet the international quality standards.

        (two) product lines * leading equipment and tools in the same industry.

        Advanced inspection equipment and strict inspection procedures are the guarantee for the quality of the products.

        Ding Liang increased capital investment, formed a physical and chemical test laboratory, introduced a German import spectrometer, advanced pre furnace carbon silicon analyzer, metallographic image analyzer, apron inspection equipment, molding sand inspection equipment, iron test analysis equipment, and product pressure testing equipment, which provided rapid and standardized production for standardization and standardization of production. Accurate detection means.

        The quality of the raw materials is directly related to the final quality of the products. Shandong Ding Liang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. first checks the raw material of iron and water, strictly grasps the test of ingredients, and ensures the quality and safety from the source.

        (three) market article * efficient and perfect after-sale service system

      In order to perfect the gold medal service target of "better quality, better service and faster efficiency", Ding Liang casting industry has set up a perfect marketing service system in the whole country.

        Ding Liang casting industry has lifelong quality responsibility for the products it produces. All products are guaranteed by the Peoples Insurance Company of China.

        Ding Liang casting industry has always adhered to the "customer oriented, market-oriented" business philosophy. A service department established by professional engineers and construction technicians is set up, which is responsible for the whole product tracking service before, during and after sales. The company's sales network is all over the country, constantly strengthening the awareness of service brand, customer service and user feedback Center for users to solve difficulties, not only enhance the brand reputation of the brand, but also win the market for enterprises.

        (four) development article * product development team with unlimited potential

        In order to ensure the leading position of the industry, the Ding Liang cast industry has set up a research and development team with innovative strength, in depth market research, to speed up the research and development of the follow-up technology, and to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

        In the same industry field, the brand of Ding Liang's banner is high. From domestic to international, more than 3000 varieties and specifications have been developed, with an annual output of 200 thousand tons. In order to ensure the leading position in the industry, there are more than 100 professional and technical personnel, 1 doctors, 3 masters and 8 senior engineers. More than 10 papers have been published in professional and technical journals.

        Ding Liang carries an honor and a project report, creating every achievement, which proves the legend of "China's tripod and beam casting true Kung Fu".

        Seven years of grinding a sword, Ding Liang cast hard quality internal work to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, with product quality, market share to prove the company in the foundry industry "Chinese real Kungfu", become enterprise Kung Fu "Shi Xiaolong".

        "The grand pass is just like iron, but now step from scratch" to build the first-class brand of the industry, to the market, each of the tripod and beam products are committed to the heroic promise of "a word of words and nine tripod, good faith under the world". We believe that the casting industry with "full participation and casting China's world brand" as the strategic goal will surely create brilliance. The company will write "the same industry, the same product, the different tripod beam"!!!

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