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      The development prospect of dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer was analyzed

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      The development prospect of dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturer was analyzed

      Release date:2018-04-11 Author: Click:

      Dry powder fire extinguishers manufacturers wholesale

      The dry powder fire extinguisher is filled with ammonium phosphate dry powder extinguishing agent. Dry powder extinguishing agent is a kind of dry and flowing powder used for extinguishing fire. It is composed of inorganic salt with fire-fighting efficacy and a small amount of additives. It is a widely used extinguishing agent in fire fighting and is mainly used in fire extinguishers.

      What is the development prospect of dry powder fire extinguishers produced by dry powder fire extinguishers? Sodium bicarbonate dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for initial fire of inflammable, combustible liquid, gas and electric equipment. The progress of mankind and the development of science and technology cannot be separated from each other. Now there are many manufacturers producing products everywhere, so we need to know enough about them before we make a decision. The following is an introduction to relevant concepts of products:

      Dry powder fire extinguisher scope of application: ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguisher can be used for the above several types of fires, but also can save the solid materials of the initial fire. But they can't fight a metal fire. When extinguishing the flammable liquid fire in the container, attention should be paid to not direct the nozzle towards the liquid surface to spray, so as to prevent the impact of the spray flow from splashing out of the flammable liquid and expanding the fire, causing the fire extinguishing difficulties.

      When a dry powder fire extinguisher tries to save a flammable or flammable liquid fire, it should aim at the main part of the fire and shoot it. If the liquid fire is burning and running, it should aim at the root of the fire from near to far, and shoot it from left to right until all the flames are extinguished. If the flammable liquid burns in the container, the user should aim at the root of the flame and shake it to the left and right, so as to cover the entire open surface of the container with the dry powder flow. When the flame is ejected from the container, the user should continue to spray until the flame is completely extinguished.

      Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, the dry powder fire extinguisher products are more and more satisfying to people's needs. However, the technology level and price of the manufacturers of the products are not uniform, so we cannot choose the products according to the price at will, otherwise we cannot guarantee the quality of the products, and there is no guarantee for the after-sales service.

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