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      What are the advantages of channel fitting connection? Dry powder fire extinguishers manufacturers tell you

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      What are the advantages of channel fitting connection? Dry powder fire extinguishers manufacturers tell you

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      Dry powder fire extinguishers manufacturers wholesale

      The connection operation of grooved pipe fittings is very simple and requires no special professional skills. The grooved pipe fitting connection system is an important part of the grooved pipe fitting connection. Compared with the traditional construction method, the grooved pipe fitting connection system has significant advantages.

      1. Adopt the groove pipe fitting hoop joint and the corresponding pipe fitting installation pipeline, no welding is required in the construction, no secondary galvanization or secondary installation is required. Increased installation speed.

      2. The simple hoop joint is light in weight, less bolts, easy to install and does not require special technology.

      3. Reliable, scientific and reasonable structure design, unique c-type rubber seal ring, realizing triple seal, ensuring the reliability of connection seal.

      4. Installation and construction of grooved clamping joint and corresponding pipe fittings should be carried out safely. Only mechanical assembly is required, no welding is required and no open fire is required.

      5. Economy due to fast installation, no special technology and low installation repair rate, the comprehensive installation cost can be 30-50% less than that of flange.

      6. The space occupied by small groove clamping joint takes up about 70% of the space of flange. Moreover, due to the small number of fastening bolts and the lack of direction, it is especially suitable for construction in narrow space environment.

      7. Complete fittings. Our company provides all kinds of pipe fittings of various specifications with clamping joints of grooved pipe fittings and complete pipe fittings.

      8. Maintain simple, safe and reliable product quality. As long as the pipeline is properly installed, it will pass the test pressure once and run safely.

      9. Suitable for pipe materials. Widely grooved collar joints can be used to connect various seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, welded steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and other metal pipes.

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