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    How many advantages do grooved pipe fittings have? Fire extinguisher manufacturers tell you

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    How many advantages do grooved pipe fittings have? Fire extinguisher manufacturers tell you

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    Shandong fire extinguisher manufacturer

    It is believed that many users are familiar with this product, its application makes the complicated pipeline connection process simple and fast, and plays an important role in the re-production and construction. Today, shandong dingliang fire control technology co., LTD., a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, gathered the advantages of this new type of steel pipe fittings to make them more clear.

    1. Fast. The connection is made by using groove clamps, and the corresponding pipe fitting placement pipeline is added. There is no need for traditional welding mode, no need for secondary galvanization and secondary placement, which greatly increases the placement rate.

    2. Lightweight. The clamps are very lightweight and have fewer bolts, making them more convenient to install and requiring no special expertise.

    3. Reliable. Scientific design concept, the creation of a unique c-type rubber seal ring, the realization of the triple seal effect, ensuring the reliability of the joint seal.

    4. Safety. Groove clamp connection only requires mechanical assembly, no welding, no open fire, so there will be no slag cloudy pipeline, ensuring the safety of the construction site, especially in the case of fire prohibition.

    5. Economy. Due to the fast placement, no special skills are needed, so the resettlement rate is low, and the comprehensive resettlement cost can be reduced by 30-50% compared with flange. This reflects its economic side.

    6. Small footprint. The grooved coupling takes up about 70% of the flange space, and due to the small number of fastening bolts and the lack of objectivity, the construction condition of the narrow space is very practical.

    7. Easy maintenance. As long as settle properly stick, the pipeline is a test pressure passes, this ensured the pipeline safe operation, also need not maintain normally, the spare parts need not be replaced for decades, have long-term practical.

    8. Practical pipe materials are common. Grooved hoop contact can be used to connect steel pipes of various materials: seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and other metal pipes.

    9. Flexible connection of pipeline is realized. The flexible channel clamp is a flexible system that can absorb the length displacement of the pipe due to temperature change and allow the pipe to have a certain deviation Angle.

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