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    Weifang fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale on the use of vehicles fire extinguishers misunderstanding

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    Weifang fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesale on the use of vehicles fire extinguishers misunderstanding

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    Fire extinguishers wholesale price

    Fire extinguishers are the most common fire equipment around us. They are not only small in size, but also very convenient to use. In case of a fire, we only need to follow certain methods to use them to extinguish most fires. When we do not use a fire extinguisher, it is stored on one side. Below, weifang fire extinguisher manufacturer wholesaler shares the mistake of using a fire extinguisher when a car is on fire.

    Fire extinguisher: fire extinguisher can only be used to extinguish the primary fire, remember the effect must grasp the timing, this means that the owner of the car in the smell smoke, should immediately use fire extinguisher to extinguish, or see the open fire to save, even if the size of the fire extinguisher has become a "small car". Timing is more important than the size of the fire extinguisher.

    Fire extinguisher head: when using a fire extinguisher, the owner should not spray to the surface of the flame, but should aim at the root of the flame, and confirm that all the flames have been extinguished before removing the fire extinguisher.

    Cover the hood: for some people, it is believed that opening the hood will allow air to enter and make the fire burn more prosperous. Even if you do not open the hood, the air is also connected.

    Fire extinguisher maintenance situation at least once every quarter to check, check the content includes: responsible maintenance duties to carry out the situation, whether fire extinguisher pressure value in the range of normal pressure, insurance sales and seal are in good condition, the fire extinguisher can't use, for it put solid, not bury, fire extinguisher box may not be locked, avoid exposure to the sun and strong radiant heat, if fire extinguisher in the period of validity, etc., to check the status of fire extinguisher valid state into a "fire extinguisher inspection record", archive and verified.

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